What have the Europeans ever done for us?


Uncontrolled immigration drives down the average wage. That in turn brings down the wealth of the individual, plus it puts incredible pressure on our social security and health systems.

The United Kingdom has become a dumping ground for the European Union’s unemployed and low paid……..with lots more to come. In addition, the Home Office has consistently proved itself to be utterly incompetent in its quest to exercise ANY sort of workable border control.

A measurable percentage of income earned in the UK by non-British workers is not spent here in the UK – it is disbursed somewhere in the #EU – because that is to where the money is being exported.

YES, the United Kingdom IS necessary to the #EU – but only to re-balance the overall #EU economy …..as what used to be our wealth is gradually being dissipated throughout Europe…….and our government has no control over Paypal and Western Union!!

The legendary EU red tape and despotic restrictions on tax and trade reforms mean that we are no longer the masters of our own destiny. No amount of macho rhetoric from David Cameron will convince the average sane voter that we are anything more than a collection of small islands in the North Sea, completely subservient to Brussels.

Now imagine that we left the #EU and reformed our ties with our English-speaking allies: USA, Canada, Australia, India and New Zealand who all have much stronger economies with far more mid to long-term economic potential than ANY #EU state ……without the restrictive practices and bureaucracy.

Of course the EU Commissars want us to stay within the #EU! We, as an English-speaking nation are the ones who are indispensable allies who can penetrate the markets of the other English-speaking states…………but for whose benefit?

The sooner after June 23rd that the Prime Minister invokes Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, the sooner we can begin divorce proceedings and the sooner the signing of the Decree Nisi…..but like any bitter old divorcee, the #EU will drag it out as long as possible but the temporary discomfort will be very well worth it.

Here is the first sentence of Article 50: “Any Member State may decide to withdraw from the Union in accordance with its own constitutional requirements………..”

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