Jeremy Hunt’s #NHS. The end of the beginning?


There is a very good reason why heads of very large organisations command such obscenely huge salaries. They tend to be highly qualified and extremely experienced individuals whose grasp of both finance and organisational dynamics is truly mind-blowing. In addition, there are comparatively few of them….and although we may or may not agree with their vast incomes, they do have responsibility not only to shareholders but for the futures of thousands of employees.

Therefore, it is astounding as well is wrong on so many levels, that a ‘here today gone tomorrow’ politician who commands a salary of about £135,000 is given the responsibility of running an organisation as vast and complex as the National Health Service. If that individual’s qualifications and experience are no more than having been a teacher of English as a foreign language, with a couple of years in public relations, preceded by a Cambridge degree in politics, then the appointment is not only troubling but potentially destructive.

The fact that Jeremy Hunt was a contemporary of David Cameron’s at Cambridge compounds the problem because it is extremely difficult to rid oneself of family or friends that one has hired to do a job which is incontrovertibly so utterly above their competence level.

Being briefed by advisers and devouring the contents of ministerial red boxes is no substitute for the hard slog of a ‘big company’ career.

Secretary of State Hunt is clearly demonstrating his boundless ineptitude by his total inability to deal with the NHS junior doctors. If he does not manage some sort of settlement with them very soon, permanent damage will be done to the NHS.

It is now being suggested that the junior doctors’ strike is a manifestation of them trying to bring down the government! Whether that is true or not, doesn’t matter because the doctors have a great deal of support , whatever their motivation. However, I would tend to believe that they are looking for no more than fairness and understanding from an increasingly confused Secretary of State and unbending dogma-fired Tory High Command.

There is a solution to the problem….. and it is a solution with only one opening move.

The hapless Hunt, who has now completed the journey from promising politician to Cockney rhyming slang, should be asked to participate in an exit interview as soon as possible.

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