EU Pseudo Facts

It’s a  bit rich when Dave ‘The Voters’ Friend’ Cameron accuses Gove and Bojo of pseudo-factual inexactitudes! That’s only because it would be unseemly for him to refer to them as ‘f*****g  lying  b******s!!’

Cameron is achieving the double-whammy of not only losing the argument but he is beginning to act as if some of his marbles have gone astray. He is stressed out and, as any decent shrink will tell you, stress is all about the future. Yes, DC does look as if he should be taken to a place of safety – but that place is NOT the European Union.

Whatever happens on June 23rd – whether we Brits decide to stay within the cosy confines of  the Europäische Union (oops…sorry….typo!) or whether we leave and expose ourselves to the risk of mega-economic success and a new social sparkle through REAL independence , Cameron will be made an offer he cannot refuse.

No matter WHAT the great British public decides, he cannot call two senior colleagues , (one of which happens to be the Lord Chancellor), ‘liars’ and then expect them to serve in his Cabinet.

By referring to the ‘NO’ politicians as fibsters, he has managed to remind the voter of his and Chancellor Gideon’s own numerous fantasy claims about the ‘consequences’ of opting to leave the EU…………… Pot-Kettle and all that!

We cannot wait for the next two weeks – when the referendum debate is set to become really offensive and hopefully, the language somewhat less moderated!

W%&*$£s !!!


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