Can I say ‘Mother Theresa’ yet ?


It’s becoming a bit of a craze….. The highest office in the land being passed on like an old pair of trainers.

Gordon Brown tried to rule without a proper democratic mandate and now , not to be outdone, the Conservatives are about to crown Mrs May as our next Prime Minister.

The five-year fixed parliament rule means that Theresa May cannot go to the country with a General Election without the approval of two thirds of MPs. Unfortunately, it is extremely unlikely that many MPs would vote for an election – especially those on the opposition benches.

Her Majesty’s Opposition has not yet established how many leaders it needs. It will probably end up with TWO. One for the parliamentary party and  one properly elected according to Labour’s own rules…… Chaos reigns.

Meanwhile, the leading Brexiteers have lost all notion of unity. Farage has gone, Boris has been sidelined, Gove has moved from supporting Boris, to hailing Andrea Leadsom as our next P.M. …and as of an hour ago, he has shifted his steadfastly fickle allegiance to Mrs May.

(I do hope that we are approaching a time when the duplicitous Gove is permanently and finally consigned to the poubelle of history. He deserves it.)

Here’s the good news: One suspects that Mrs May’s leadership style will be very similar to Gordon Brown’s. She’s an ex-Bank of England girl and as such is most likely to be an Analytical …..rather than an Expressive who might have found leadership easy. She will be more at home in front of a file, screen or raking through her Red Box [sic].

Brown too was an Analytical…..and trust me, they make the VERY WORST leaders. Good pen-pushers and fond of detail but lousy delegators and leaders. Her stress levels must already be rising because that is what happens to analyticals when they are asked to make or even when they anticipate major decisions.

It looks as if the Tories have done it again!

The next four years are going to be SO interesting……but only if the newly-anointed Mother Theresa can hang on.

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