Cameron’s ‘no buts’ returns to bite him on the (referendum) farce.

We referendum voters (us) prefer to debate and discuss topics which affect us directly.

Unfortunately, just like the average clueless Chief Executive who talks to his junior staff about RoI, RoE, company profits, expenses overruns, fiscal drag , dividends etc., Cameron bangs on about “the economy” which even Osborne admits is affected largely by the Global economic environment – whether we are IN or OUT of Europe.

What affects the population  directly is rampant immigration, living costs as well as this government’s inability to provide adequate housing , schooling and healthcare…..whether we are IN or OUT of Europe.

Cameron does not want to debate immigration because of his pre-election net immigration pledge.

You may recall that he won power in May 2015 on a “no ifs, no buts” election pledge to bring net migration down to 100,000…..and by the way, have you noticed how quiet Home Secretary Theresa May is these days – which is surprising, especially as migration is the NUMBER ONE issue on voters’ minds?

It has become increasingly obvious that Cameron has absolutely NO respect for the intelligence of the average British voter because he now says that controlling immigration will be easier if we remain IN the EU (!).

Such arrant nonsense suggests that he is desperate because he knows he is losing the immigration argument and we  have all obviously failed to understand the logic of his economical claims…..and when I say ‘economical’, I mean economical with the truth.

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