Cameron & The EU – more Chamberlain than Thatcher?

Have you noticed that in the post-WW1, post-Empire era, the British Establishment’s default position in respect of any perceived trouble from a foreign “authority”  has been appeasement?

Remember Edward VIII cosying up to Hitler? Chamberlain’s piece of paper? Churchill handing Eastern Europe to Stalin?

More recently, the policy of appeasement in North Africa and its despotic dictators has resulted in the out-of-control tsunami of mass migration.

Thirty-five years ago, the United States put enormous pressure on Margaret Thatcher to pursue a policy of appeasement towards Argentina after it had invaded the Falklands. She had the courage to ignore them. Yes, there were sacrifices but we prevailed and can do so again.

‘Appeasement’ used to be a conscious policy designed to avoid confrontation and war…. and with very few exceptions, that is the policy which is still prevalent. For instance, consider Putin, Crimea and our collective inaction.

Today, the Establishment believes that if the United Kingdom exits the European Union, there will be an economic and social war….and that is the single premis upon which we are being asked to vote to remain within the #EU.

Before the Brexit campaign began, I, along with many others felt very neutral, assuming that whether we were IN or OUT would make little difference to our lives – and that is probably far nearer the truth  than EITHER side would have us believe.

However, having listened to Cameron and Osborne  and their Establishment friends describe a  Brexit-fired apocalypse and the dystopian neo-Dickensian gloom  into which we would be plunged if we had the temerity to vote against the wishes of Frau Merkel, the Brussels Commissars and the Banking establishment, many of us have changed our minds.

Our vote on June 23rd is not merely an IN-OUT vote or even an expression of the majority’s anti-Cameron sentiments……It is a LEGACY vote.  The vote is not just for us and should certainly not be decided on the basis of the Establishment’s dire forecasts.

Our vote will be for the generations to come and THEIR place in a world.

A world which is rapidly degenerating into chaos – with The Middle East, North Africa and mainland Europe at the forefront of these seismic and probably irreversible changes.

A sharpish Brexit seems to be  the only option.

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