Cameron has failed to notice those Europäische Union signs.

OK – we accept that Cameron does not feel capable of managing the UK if we vote to exit Die Europäische Union (EU).

What with a post-brexit economic collapse, rising interest rates, falling house prices, a collapsed currency, no export market and being overrun with unwanted migrants – it would take someone with abilities far above those enjoyed by Cameron to steady our country with its already flaky economy and drive it forward.

The latest is his pensions forecast  which unsurprisingly is also laced with doom-laden suppositions which really do suggest that the United Kingdom is UTTERLY TRAPPED within the EU for ever. That is to say that we are  permanent members of an organisation which is really nothing more than a ready-made export market for Germany…….. with NO WAY OUT.


The only question is WHY have successive Prime Ministers (including Cameron) and their governments failed control a situation whereby one day we would be so inextricably tied to the EU, that if we ever even THOUGHT about leaving, EVERYTHING would collapse…….

Or, perhaps Cameron and his cronies really are scaremongering?

Surely not!  🙂

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